10.12.2011……….Going Green Saves Green!

Kelly posts……

In an effort to keep my paper project going strong, I have been reading a few business articles on the effects of going green and this sentence pretty much sums it up: “companies are increasingly realizing that going green could be a new way for companies to save — or even make — more green, as in money.”

Check out the full article here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17969124/ns/business-going_green/t/corporations-find-business-case-going-green/


07.12.2011……….Strike Training Stress Relief!

Kelly posts….

If you are feeling tied to your desk chair because of conference calls/strike training and want to work your muscles a bit and get the blood flowin’. All you need is your desk chair and a water bottle. After all…..circulation is good for the brain!  http://exercise.about.com/cs/exerciseworkouts/l/blofficeworkout.htm


06.07.11……..10 business e-mails you shouldn’t send

George posts:

How often do you commit email violations?  You may surprise yourself. Check out the 10 most common Business Email Offenses.

05.31.11……What your body language says about you!

Kelly posts…

Obviously when we think about body language and the way we present ourselves to colleagues, customers, superiors, etc, we tend to think of eye contact and posture. Or at least I do. However, this guy has a fresh take on little things such as head position, arms, legs, and the distance you are from the person, which really impact the way we present ourselves. My personal favorite was the mouth movements! Who knew that could give away so much?

Click SelfGrowth to see what your body is saying…


04.29.2011……Conditional Formatting

Beta Omega Beta posts:  I think excel 2003 has this, but you are limited to 1 or 2 conditionals formats versus more than 1 or 2 in 2007.  Yes, in 2007’s product features it says more than 1 or 2 conditional formats.

So what is the benefit?  Conditional formatting is like filtering, but without the filter.  There have been times where I continuously flip back and forth between filters trying to compare what is going on in one section versus the other.

Continue reading

04.22.2011……Thinking outside the Box!

Kelly postsWays to get outside the box: challenge the assumptions. Just because a process is done a certain way ‘because it has to be done this way’ is not always accurate. Rather, ask yourself why does it have to be done this way? Could it be done differently, but still be correct? Continue reading

04.21.2011……Hello Atlanta Telco!

Charlene posts:  The goal of this blog is to give you the best and most current thinking in leadership, workplace innovation, career strategy, self improvement and any of the tools necessary to chart a successful career path at Verizon.  We encourage each of you to interact through comments, provide quality content that we each could find helpful, discover new ways of working and develop a forward thinking culture within our group. We envision this blog as a place to engage, inform and empower you. Happy posting!


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