04.22.2011……Thinking outside the Box!

Kelly postsWays to get outside the box: challenge the assumptions. Just because a process is done a certain way ‘because it has to be done this way’ is not always accurate. Rather, ask yourself why does it have to be done this way? Could it be done differently, but still be correct? Continue reading


04.21.2011……Five reasons to document your work performance

Bob posts:
Considering the amount of projects about to come our way I thought these tips would be helpful as individuals take on leadership roles to complete projects from yesterday’s list.  I’m sure Anne and Mike would love to hear specific measurable results describing how you added value to the company.
Five reasons to document your work performance:
  1. To gain self-awareness.
  2. To lift your spirits and get you feeling very confident about yourself—ready to tackle the marketplace.

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