04.29.2011……Conditional Formatting

Beta Omega Beta posts:  I think excel 2003 has this, but you are limited to 1 or 2 conditionals formats versus more than 1 or 2 in 2007.  Yes, in 2007’s product features it says more than 1 or 2 conditional formats.

So what is the benefit?  Conditional formatting is like filtering, but without the filter.  There have been times where I continuously flip back and forth between filters trying to compare what is going on in one section versus the other.


Or maybe I just want to highlight one specific situation like what are the top 10 billing circuits on this spreadsheet.  It can also be used to find duplicate values.  Here is how to do it in excel 07.  Please use Conditional Formatting2 as an example.

 Step 1: Highlight the cells you want to search (select cells A1:W26 on the attached worksheet)

Step 1: Click on the home tab

Step 2: Click on conditional formatting under the style group

Step 3: Click Highlight cell Rules

Step 4: Click Equal to

Step 5: Type 10 into the box on the left and the box on the right gives you options for what color you would like the data highlighted.  For now keep it the same.

Step 6: Click Ok and watch for the secret message!

 I’m sure you noticed that excel has several different options to choose from.  Feel free to experiment to figure out how this function can best help you.  Also for advanced users try to add another function over the last using a different color.  Follow the same steps as above except this time choose equal to 82 and use a different color to highlight.

Those in the know will get to see what the real message is!



  1. Bob: Thanks for the tips! Someday I’ll have to talk about conditional formatting in WebFOCUS…..

  2. Thanks Bob, I have always wanted to know how to do this but never knew the terminology in order to research steps. I look forward to your Webfocus conditional formatting training Tom.

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